Wisbech General Cemetery an oasis of calm, beauty and heritage for all to enjoy. 



Wisbech General Cemetery is a 3 acre tranquil oasis in a busy part of Wisbech.  Situated on North End formally Leverington Road, access is available from North End or Harecroft Road Playing Fields. 


Established in 1836 the design followed the mid-19th century style of building public cemeteries laid out along the lines of a formal garden. To allow use by all denominations the ground was not consecrated. 


By the 1960s only six burials took place in ten years and in 1972 finally closed. 6571 people are buried in the cemetery.


A Friends groups was formed in 1992 with the purpose of working with Fenland District Council, owners of the site, to preserve and manage this valuable woodland wildlife habitat and historic cemetery for the enjoyment of the public. Guided walks are held during the year.


In 2014 Fenland District Council agreed terms for a 30 year lease to the Wisbech Society, including the care of the chapel and memorials to become effective when funding for the project has been obtained. An application has now been submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the renovation of the chapel and the initial costs for its use as a public study/learning amenity.





More details coming soon. 

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The Friends of Wisbech General Cemetery who maintain the site, offer guided walks and provide assistance with family history matters are working closely with Wisbech Society and Preservation Trust who are managing a project, with part funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to reinstate the Chapel and surroundings to provide a new meeting and exhibition space with associated events and activities. 

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