1835   Site purchased by Josiah Rumball, William Jecks and Thomas Dawbarn.  This was landscaped in the new style of a public park with gravel paths, lawns and flowering shrubs.  To allow use by all denominations the ground was not consecrated. 

1836   Cemetery opened. 

On the 25th March the first burial, a Robert William Catliff (infant) took place.


1840   Cemetery sold to the newly formed Wisbech General Cemetery Company. The twenty-one shareholders being appointed as Trustees. 

1848   Chapel designed in the classical Doric style, built with a loan of £500.


1849   In Wisbech a cholera epidemic killed sixty six people. Instructions were given for burials to take place in Kings Walk Cemetery with the bodies wrapped in cloth and covered in tar.  Despite this six adults and two children were buried at Wisbech General Cemetery. It is assumed, without protection.


1882   Borough Cemetery at Mount Pleasant opened resulting in fewer burials at the General Cemetery. 

1914 - 1920  Ten solders who died in this country as a result of their action in WW1 buried. 

1972  Last burial before the cemetery closed, Agnes Lambert.

Mid 70s  Cemetery becomes neglected and overgrown.  


1978  Ground cleared to allow a measured survey to be undertaken and memorial inscriptions recorded.  

1979  The Wisbech Society’s Annual Report includes, “A special thanks must go to Eric Golding who has generously devoted much time to making a detailed survey of Leverington Road Cemetery”.

1992   Friends of Wisbech General Cemetery group formed. 

1994   Special permission granted for Basil Lambert to be buried with his family.

2014   The unmarked graves of eight WW1 solders identified.

2014   Fenland District Council agrees terms for a 30year lease to the Wisbech Society including the care of the chapel and memorials to become effective when funding for the project has been obtained. 


2014   Wisbech Society purchase land to create a new direct entrance. It is named Lambert Walk.  

2016 Application submitted by the Wisbech Society to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the renovation of the chapel and initial costs for its use as a public study/learning amenity.


6571 people are buried in the cemetery most in multiple graves with many unmarked.


A Friends groups was formed in 1992 with the purpose of working with Fenland District Council, owners of the site, to preserve and manage this valuable woodland wildlife habitat and historic cemetery.

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