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During 2014 Fenland District Council agreed terms for a 30year lease with the Wisbech Society including the care of the Chapel and memorials, to become effective when funding for the project has been obtained.  Application submitted by the Wisbech Society to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the renovation of the chapel and initial costs for its use as a public study/learning amenity.


Objectives of the Lottery bid

To save the remains of the Chapel by reroofing it, repairing the internal walls and ceiling using traditional materials, and incorporate a toilet and kitchen so that the building can be used for meetings by the Society, community, schools. 

The archives of the Society and the records of the Cemetery burials will be kept to be available to researchers and descendants of the people buried in the Cemetery. The Friends and the Society have acquired, over the years, many records connected to the Cemetery which are currently scattered about the town. These will be catalogued and copies retained in the repaired Chapel for access by relatives, students and historians.

The gravestones and vaults will be assessed and repairs carried out to the monuments to ensure their safety.   The records of the graves, which have been collected over several decades, will be collated to provide a full record of the cemetery. The trees, particularly those close to the Chapel will be tended and dead wood, stray limbs and heavily overgrown ivy will be cleared under the supervision of an arborist.

During 2013 Wisbech Society, utilising funds bequeathed to it by Basil Lambert, the last person to be buried in the Cemetery, purchased a piece of land, formerly used as a plumber's stores (although until about 1947 part of the cemetery) to create a new, direct entrance to the Cemetery. This entrance is named "Lambert's Walk"


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The Friends of Wisbech General Cemetery who maintain the site, offer guided walks and provide assistance with family history matters are working closely with Wisbech Society and Preservation Trust who are managing a project, with part funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to reinstate the Chapel and surroundings to provide a new meeting and exhibition space with associated events and activities. 

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